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Got this amazing car a little over a month ago with 110k mileage.

I am a fairly inexperienced driver for a 27-year-old, had my first car (2003 Peugeout 307) for my birthday in February this year. Glad I did as I learned quite a few things about driving before I got a better car. Never been into cars in my teens and early 20's before I actually got a driving license at 23. Funny enough, I learned driving on a MK8 Civic and I really enjoyed it, pretty sure it was petrol though, but it was a perfect car I had over 30 lessons with it!

Now to my new Civic, I really can't get enough of it. I have to admit I would prefer petrol as I'm a bit on faster driving side, but this one is very economical (average 46mpg, half town half motorway) and pulls like a train on a motorway - I rarely have any competition. Not a race car, but motorway performance is astonishing (handling is great too).

Good bits:
- Stunning 17 inch alloys, not sure who of the 3 previous owners installed them but they look fabulous! Being an inexperienced guy (and a bit of an idiot too) I already kissed the kurbs so there are scratches on them :/ First thought to go with a cheap ebay dye but then decided to wait till I get the money to properly repair them.
- No knocks and bangs, owners took care of it, it feels solid for its age
- Pre-facelift model so no USB, but luckily previous owners put in an iPod connector, so all I had to do was to buy a iPod -> 3,5 jack adapter and now I can listen to anything I want from my phone
- GT version so great looking trim, panoramic roof and stylish black interior
- Full service history with every single slip and check in place
- It's Honda Civic! :)

Bad bits:
- Interior looks quite a bit worn, the car spent a lot of time on the motorway so seats and armrest look quite used. Already fitted a red Mugen gear knob (I know the colour stands out, but i actually like it more!)
- Trim was in a bad shape, very very worn out, but I used the Wurth Plastic Dye just today and it already looks better (see photos)
- Something wrong with the battery, it went flat the next day I bought the car, and now half the time it shows engine error. I got the battery checked at Halfords and they said it was fine. Sometimes when I start the car it doesn't start straight away and it almost feels like ignition 'drops' for a second before starting. I'm noob so no idea what it means, will get it serviced soon.
- Some paint issues on the wing, but nothing too major, although I would really like to get the car properly valeted and the paintwork redone so bring back the shiny and glossy colours.
- Again, pre-facelift model, so no Sat Nav, but I don't really care since it's 2018 and my phone does all the things. Installed a magnetic phone holder, same as one I had on Peugoeot, and it's just perfect.
- Nothing else comes up to my mind to be fair, the car is perfect.

Things I would like to do:
- Change the front grill. I really want a carbon fiber one (with no logo). Current one I don't really like, looks dated to me.
- Paintwork improved (though no idea yet how its done)
- Stage 1 remap
- Ideally refurb the interior, but that would be too costly.
- Clutch seems fine, but the breaks are pretty weak, had to get used to them. Worth changing.
- Type R spoiler, though current one looks fine

And now for the best part - the photos! On the last photo you can see the result of applying Wurth dye on a trim, though not being the smartest guy out there I've left some dye on the paintwork ;/


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That looks real good. I'm too scared to take the trim off just now but I see it as an option. Did you do anything to the paintwork?

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So it's been a month since my post. I've done quite a lot of learning about the car and really did a lot to try and clean it as much as I can. Used my landlady's garage and hosepipe to foam and wash it, and also clayed it. Surprisingly, clay did not remove too much besides from the bottom of front doors.

Put some fog light covers as well and added two layers of wurths plastic dye to trim. Can't get rid of stone chips on the bonnet but generally the car looks really shiny!

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nice car buddy, never thought about using bumper/trim spray from halfords, good stuff. I may do mines mines look a little tired and last owner must have tried all sorts. Wonder if anyone knows how to remove the trim from the front and rear bumpers, mines has the GP pack so kinda different.

I dont think i wana go colour code, and for the look i am going for think black satin would look best, how often are you having to coat your trim buddy.
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