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East London DockLand Honda Meet - June Friday 25th 2010

Hi everyone
The Next round of the Docklands Honda Meet will be taking place on Friday 25th june 2010 at 8:30pm
As before this will be on the last Friday of every month so remember it :-D
As always we will meet at the Royal Albert DLR Station, it right opposite the new office development, Building 1000.
for the people who using a Sat Nav, use this postcode " E16 2QU "
the road should called " Dockside Rd "
on this road, should be a DLR train station called " Royal Albert ", that where we meeting

At the last meet, we had hugh amount of car that show up, our parking was messy and taking up too much room lol, so security was not happy and asked us to move, they said it ok to use this space but need to park in a striaght line, so please when you show up, please park alone the pavement.

If we do get move out, we will convoy down to the Tesco carpark, which is only 5min drive, so for those who arrive late and dont see us, please make your way to the GALLIONS REACH Tesco, the postcode is E6 7FB

hope to you see you guys there
this meet is also posted on other honda site :-D
(Here the Google Maps Link Royal Albert DLR Station)

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