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On friday had to nip to DIY shop after work as wind blew down a fence panel. Just pull onto the A10 and get up to 50mph when 'Dong' engine management light pops on.
Oh crap.
Car felt absolutely fine but pull over anyway.
Checked all the daft things like fluids, lights and loose connections under bonnet just in case but nothing.
Get back in the car and turn her over with no issues and sounds sweet as ever. Pull away no issues.
When i got home i sat and thought what it could be.
Lots of short journeys lately and find out wife been filling it up with Supermarket fuel (told her not to do that but cant kill her as the life insurance woulndt pay out)
Thought Lamda sensor could be issue but went to Honda on sat to make sure. After the diagnostic they confirmed its one of the Lamda sensors and that it will cost £279 to replace.
Ouch didnt think a sensor would be that harsh.
Just shows a little boost and long trips can be a good idea every now and then.
Anyone think one of the injector cleaners would be a good idea to use every now and then?

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Supermarket fuel wouldn't cause the O2 sensor to fail.

Also Fuel addictives in most cases have little to no affect. Also in the FN2 manual it advises against them (don't know if it says the same for the 1.4 manual)

It's just one of those things I'm afraid. Someone else on here has gone through 3 oxygen sensors in 24 months, poor him!
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