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A few weeks ago I posted about a problem with my central locking. When I unlock the car with the key fob the boot remains locked. Also the lock switch on the drivers door will only lock the doors but won't open them again although the key still does. So after reading a few threads on this I took it to an auto electrician and asked him to change the drivers door lock mechanism which solved the problem for a couple of weeks. Then it started to play up again and now has reached the point where the boot just won't open again.

Last week I took the car to the local Honda dealer and left it there for two days. They couldn't replicate the problem so we're unable to do anything. It's very frustrating not being able to use the boot as we have a 17 month old child and all the stuff that goes with that!

It seems to be a common problem and there are a few threads about this. However they don't lead to a conclusion, it seems that if the issue is resolved most people don't bother to come back and post about a cure.

I'd be greatful if anyone has any idea what might be causing this. Please help!!
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