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I am looking to reach out to the wealth and knowledge on this forum and need a little help with my ice upgrade. I currently have the following but not fitted

Phillips 6040 4 channel amp running
infinity components upfront
Infinity 2 way for rear
Crossfire 2 channel amp running 2x 10" caliber subs

Looking to upgrade to a double din but getting lost in what's available, I would want

DVD player
7" screen

Have been looking at the Pioneer AVIC-F50BT - 7.0" Double Din DVD + Bluetooth + Navigation but is there better out there for the same money? It's a lot of money so want to make the right choice and any help guidance would be appreciated.

I may also look to fit two headrest screens later on so would need to have that option available also


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good components there fella
like you say its a bit of a mine field when choosing a dd
one person will always prefer something else, if you can and there are any audio shops round your way id go have a play and make your own mind up even halfrauds have quite a few dd in these days
If i can offer any advise from what ive read iphone users prefer pioneer and android prefer kenwood or sony personally i have a sony with tomtom which is brill ut again thats my choice.
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