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Hi Everyone.
I have 2.2 ictdi diesel 58 plate.
How do i find out if it has a dpf on it??
Also will this influnce the choice of oil i need for the oil change.
Heard the 5w-30 fully synthetic should be ok, I know the 0-30 is recommended.
any comments related would be appreciated.
Cheers :)

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I'm not sure of it ever being an option Lee, but I've never seen one myself although Elite have seen a couple in the UK through their agent network but we believed them to be grey imports.

Happy to stand corrected on that though.

Oh and in answer to the original question, 0w30 only mate.

Notice you're in Huddersfield, I'm 5 minutes from you. If you catch me one day, I can tell by looking at the software on your ecu if it's a DPF car or not.
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