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Hi All,

Thought you might be interested if your an FN2 owner - I’ve had the car since new with few faults.

Just had her in for the it’s latest major service approx 107k on the clock.

Service and MOT flagged up front shocks leak and I’d identified an issue with the balance of the car, I thought it could be an issue with the wheel balance, but after a new set and a re-balance I investigated and noticed a few Comments about engine mounts and drive shaft, as per CR-V issues.

The wobble under the seat / bum happened specifically between 3k and 4K and most prominent in 5th fear, although it’s there in all other gears.

Garage agreed -something was wrong.... but could see anything at service.....

It did take some pushing and also a call by the Garage to Honda technical to focus in on the drive shaft possibility.....

They advised both drive shafts be replaced...

The car is covered under the extended guarantee, so they had authorised the leaking shock, but then kicked out the drive shafts on a technicality of mileage over run (250miles over the allowance over mileage).

A polite phone call, explaining this seems strange as they had authorised the drive shaft convinced them to change their mind...

My FN2 is now back to fighting form, with the drive shafts replaced the balance of the car is perfect again and feels safe, plus the shock.

So even if you have an older FN2 if youved kept up your service history and taken out a warranty you should be sorted.

I didn’t really get any notice of it happening, it just appeared and got gradually worse between it being identified and the week or so of getting the parts and getting in for the work to be done....

So I believe the total claim for just this claim was in excess of £1,600 for the drive shafts and the shock.

Pleased I’d taken out the extended warranty, else it would have been a costly service.

So if you bum starts to shake, the. It possible it’s your drive shafts if you’ve got a little age and mileage on your FN2.

Hope to this helps others.


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