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Took my 08 Civic in for its 3rd yr service and to get a few things checked before the warranty was up, One of the things I reported was that the driver door handle can feel slightly sticky at times, was told that they would order a new latch and I was to bring the car in again to get it fitted.

When I took the car in today to get the latch fitted after about an hour they came to see me and showed me the cable mechanism that attaches to the latch and pointed out that it was broken and hence wont connect securely to the latch meaning there’s a chance the car will not lock! (Was locking fine when I brought the car in) As it turns out when they re-assembled the door the car is locking again although there is now a rattle, which I believe is due to the cable mechanism not being secured properly to the latch.

They reckon this will not be covered under warranty as they believe it could have been broken by someone else looking at it so are trying to charge me £68 for the extra part, their argument is that they cant find the broken bit of plastic, and if it had broken itself the bit of plastic would still be inside the door!

Although I am not the 1st owner why would the previous owner have someone else look at a faulty lock when the car was under warranty!

In fairness they said they would ring Honda in the morning and explain the situation to see if they can get the cost covered but cannot guarantee anything, heres hoping!

Has anyone else had a similar issue with their door lock i.e. broken cable mechanism?
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