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Hi all,

Can someone please advice what to do.

My civic is a 5d si, it all started when I went to do my MOT 3 weeks back. Got out from the drivers door, closed the door (normally), leaving the car unlocked I walked over to the mechanic and handed him the key then started walking off, the mechanic tried to open the door but couldn't then called me to stop and said why isn't your door opening, I tried pressing the handle, can hear the rods inside moving, tried the key and fob to unlock but it wasn't opening, I jumped into the back seat, tried to open it from the inside but it wouldn't open. After me and the mechanic were fiddled for 2mins (lock / unlock) suddenly the driver door popped open.

All seemed fine till a week later the drivers door stopped opening again, I read the threads related to the subject folks mentioned different techniques to open the door and some mentioned it may be the actuator.

Now last weekend, low and behold the door suddenly opened again and is operational. What on earth is going on? any ideas? is it worth taking the door panel off to have a look? please advice as I'm not sure what to look for, if it's locking and unlocking fine now logic tells me it's now even more difficult to diagnose the issue.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
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