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because I removed the tilting door part of it yesterday to try to put a air vent phone mount in it (i like my phone on the drivers side instead of central) and bugger me is it hard to put back in!!

The phone doesnt really fit securely in there (just got a cheap holder) so I decided to abandon and put it back in but I dont have a clue how I ever got it out! I'm way off of even coming close!

I'm also considering getting a better vent holder clipped on there (and not putting the swivel closer part back) and wondered if there would be any way I can run audio cables from the back of the head unit (or even from the arm rest hole) to this air vent? I would assume the air vent does exactly that and vents to the outside with no way of getting to the electronics from in there but just wanted one of you knowledgeable chaps to confirm.

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