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Hi All

I had a suprice when i went to my car (2005 Civic 1.4 SE EU7 D14Z6) this morning as i found it with the drivers side window down with the interior all soaked because of the thunderstorm in the midlands area yesterday. I ***'t understand how the window had opened by itself as it was closed when i locked the car the night before. Anyway after finding my car like this i had to drive it to drop off my sister to work ( yes i did get a wet bottom
) and whilst driving the car the drivers window was going up and down by itself. also whislt driving i could hear that the windows motor was making a noice not like normal. I managed to close the window with the switch but when i got home it would't open or close at all. I checked all the fuses but they seem ok and the other 3 windows on the car all open and close fine with the switches on the drivers door. I have opened up the door card and cannot see anything suspect for it be doing this. does anyone think that the thunderstorm in the east midlands yesterday could be the cause of this plus my car was parked under a tree.

Any ideas ?

All help is appreciated


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