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On Saturday the 6th November 2010 we will be off to Power Station for the Rebel Motorsport Club annual Rolling Road Day.

No excuses we are giving you plenty of notice to book time off work write your sick notes and get your cars ready for another great Rolling Road day out, with a short country drive for a meal afterwards, and not forgetting a few photos and video footage along the way.

Again we have a maximum of 35 places available to us, costing £35 each All cars are welcome whether it be a 4WD, RWD or FWD.

Full payment of £35 is needed to secure your place (to be paid by or before the 30th October 2010) click here for payment details

Paypal is now available on [email protected]

By all means show your interest however your name will not be added to the list until the deposit has been paid (as always payment will secure your place)

To those of you who just want to watch

Can I just point out this is a partaking event... as most of you know there is only a small viewing area and I think it is very unfair if **** just turn up to watch after all the club is all about joining in and taking part. So please dont turn up just to watch.

By all means for those that dont want to run on the rolling road you can always meet up with us later on for the pub lunch. :D Just contact me for details.

Meeting points.

Magor Services (M4 J23A)
leaving at 07:00am

Michael Wood Services on the M5 (between Junctions 13 and 14)
leaving at 07:45am

PowerStation, Tewkesbury (just off J9 of the M5)
Please try and be there for 08:30am so that we can sort out the preliminaries in readiness to start at 09:00am.

The below link will be updated with all details and maps. (to be updated)


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As always this is a mixed car event and Hondas only. As always we will be taking video footage so can also have your own video footage of your car on the rollers to go with your printout :wink:

Interest (remember that only payment secures your place)

1. SharkyUK + meal
2. Salem + meal
3. Agent Smith + meal
4. CJRamze + meal - - Paid
5. ihate_speedbumps - meal - Paid
6. stuart-t - Paid
7. fn1964 + meal
8. jonnyg + meal
9. Jay Type R?
12.msprig - meal - Paid
13.andyaldrich + meal
14.jables + meal - Paid
15. Grumpy
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