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Hello Hello,

was on Sunday in Cologne / Frechen on a Tuning Day.
The Boys from the Dynoteam where there so i tried it how much horses my Baby got.

Here ist the Chart.
Directupload.net - bzfnmpyy.pdf

I already have done:
Single Exit Custom Exhaust
K/N Filter replacement Filter
Smoothed Out Airbox, even the two small Wings in Front of my Air sensor in the Intake
P2R Throttle Body Spacer & Gaskets
Intake Manifold Gaskets P2R

Some Other Stuff on brakes & Suspension.

So now im wondering what to do next ?
Should i work on an intake mod ?
I know a Exhaust Manifold would be the best but i need to have a cat.
It is a bit more difficult here in Germany?

Any Suggestions ? What to do next ?
Hondata is out of reach at the moment.

Thanks in advance
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