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This is just a warning and friendly advice for people who may come acroos a similar thing.

Something I have been told been told by a dealer and have also fallen foul off. The early Civics 06 possibly 07 may be others do not have protection on the alarm circuit.

A faulty alarm can drain your battery or connecting to jump leads can blow your alarm. (That is with the other cars engine not even started).

Symptons I had for this are rear lock not working always (probably alarm).
Totally flat battery down to about 6v in 2 days.

Connected new battery. Keys not recognised by immobiliser. (Keys was not in car at any time, before someone says something) Alarm permanently going.

How much this little incident costs.
Battery at dealer £54
Key prgrammed at dealer £27
New Alarm £500 + Fitting + VAT :(

Total cost £706 :(:( (Ouch!!!)

So becareful with the flat battery situation. It can get very expensive.

Help this little bit of info helps someone.
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