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Which engine is/was better?

  • 1.7L N.A Petrol

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  • 1.5L Turbo "Earth Dreams"

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Hi all,

I'm a newbie who has only dipped in twice, so I thought I would start a conversation of my own...(apologies if this has already been covered; I'm sure it probably has!)

Having previously owned the naturally aspirated 1.7L VTEC 2003 Civic Coupé, and now own a 2018 1.5L Turbo "Earth Dreams" variant, I was wondering...

Which engine do other drivers prefer (Petrol - Manual G/B)? The fuel economy of the 1.7 left a lot to be desired, averaging around 43 MPG if memory serves, but I loved the performance when pushed (like all VTEC engines A.I.R?). In regular driving it was a bit sluggish and liked being quick shifted rather than slowly progressing through the notches, but I remember it being a lot of fun to drive; especially overtaking on motorway/dual carriageway!

The 1.5L Turbo-charged "Earth Dreams" (Terrible name IMO) is a completely different story. More than happy with 52.5 MPG (Eco mode on - driving like a tortoise), 47-49 if driving "normally", with a nice torque y pull in all the gears, coupled to a smooth power delivery at all RPM's, it's certainly no slouch...it's just I can't help but think it sorely lacks that "craziness" at the top of the rev counter like the previous generation (G7?).

As I understand it, putting "VTEC" anywhere on this car is sharp practice, as apparently there is no such thing, with direct injection turbo replacing the variable timing aspect, in an effort to satisfy our (once! ;)) EU masters RE emissions...

Was just wondering what other members had to say on the matter (if anything)? Despite a healthy dose of nostalgia (& regret); I may have to go with the new engine!

P.S As an aside; utterly gutted that Honda decided to stop marketing/selling the Accord in 2017, god I love that car...(Sorry I know this belongs on the AccordForums)

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I've no experience of the 1.7L.
Old VTEC Honda engines were brilliant but had nothing low down if what was written about them was true.

I never use the Eco mode on my 1.5 Prestige as I more than compensate with the right foot for the 'programmed lethargy' built in to try and save you fuel - waste of time.

I get 35 around stop-start town trips, and straight over 50-52 at 55-75 on the Motorway with ease.

What Iike about the modern 1.5T is the torque from 1,200 upwards - its relatively speaking huge - like an old 2.2 petrol.
It likes rather than loves to rev, but has no problems when doing so and really shifts for a relatively large and heavy - cf old-school similar-sized vehicles - car.

It's let down by a rubbish DMF supposedly there to help gearchanges - slow and fast departures are easy, but smartish (not quite fast) result in kangaroo starts.

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