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ok Peoples
happy new year

hope the year 2011 been good for you so far
alot of people been asking me, when the east london coming back on
and here it is :thumbup:

The East London Honda Meet will be taking place on Friday 25th Feb 2011 at 8:30pm

The meet will be held at the carpark of Beckton Triangle Retail Park
this only across the RD from tesco, you will see a KFC, Mc D, PC World and a Curry superstore etc
we been parking near the SCS Sofa

for the people who using a Sat Nav, the address is

Beckton Triangle Retail Park
5 Claps Gate Ln, London E6 6LH, UK

hope to you see you guys there
also this meet is also posted on other honda site :-D
and if you guys can spread the words
that be great

here are some clip from last year 2010 :-D

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