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Hi Peeps

The next East London Honda Meet will be taking place on Friday 27th May 2011 at 8:30pm

The meet will be held at the carpark of Beckton Triangle Retail Park
this only across the RD from tesco, you will see a KFC, Mc D, PC World and a Curry superstore etc
we been parking near the SCS Sofa

for the people who using a Sat Nav, the address is

Beckton Triangle Retail Park
5 Claps Gate Ln, London E6 6LH, UK

hope to you see you guys there
also this meet is also posted on other honda site :-D
and if you guys can spread the words
that be great :thumbup:

join our Facebook group
london jap car meets | Facebook

here are some clip from last year 2010 :-D

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