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Hi I want to check my boost pressure because after my remap the car felt very fast but within a week the clutch started to slip so I've fitted a new clutch. But after the new clutch the car didn't' felt that fast. I've been thinking that maybe the mechanics didn't fit the turbo hoses/pipes airtight and so I don't get enough pressure.

I saw that their are ways to display the pressure on a iphone/ipod with a wifi adapter but those are 80/120 euro. I have a Galletto cabel so I thought if there is software for the iphone their must be some cheap/freeware program for windows so I can hook up my laptop. But I cant find any software, I've found one but that cost 140euro and that is a little to much just to check my boost pressure. Also software for the iphone is only around 15-20 euro.

Do you guys know any other method to check my pressure?
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