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Check out the latest addition to the EcuTek range for the Honda Civic Type R FN2, 370Z, GTR and other cars mapped using Ecutek

The EcuTek EVI Bluetooth interface allows you an unmatched level of functions all from your smartphone or tablet.

This product has just been launched at Sema, more details and pricing will follow soon

We have added it to our online shop o people can see what it can do. We will be posting videos etc up as we go but the functionality allows easy user access to record and change preset values through their phone apps and can now mean we can offer a multi-map function for the non GT cars we couldn't in the past.

We will need to retrofit a clutch switch and input it to the ecu to get the blips and flatshift functions though which we are working on but should just be able to retrofit the GT switch setup. :cool:

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