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hey folks! So here is my build from the beginning to date. I know I could have just saved up and buy an EK9 but that's just boring. I have learned a lot from this project and would like to learn much more. plenty of pics

So here was the spec from when I first bought her back in March 2011

- Full respray in Starlight Black
- Fully colour coded
- Smoothed off coupe front bumper ( painted and smoothed around 2 weeks ago)
- Carbon fibre vented bonnet with sparco bonnet pins
- EK9 replica grill with mesh not the plastic one
- Buddy Club short shifter
- Full Custom Exhaust with decat and custom backbox
- Lowered on unknown coilovers on the front and 60mm springs on back ( duno why, last owner not me)
- Type R Rear lip
- Bomex spoiler ( just painted around 2 weeks ago)
- Import plates
- TSW black alloys with decent tread on tyres
- Cusco front strut brace
- Injen cold air feed
- Polished Rocker Cover
- D16 Manifold
- EK9'd headlights

And here is the current spec

Engine & Transmission

1.6 DOHC VTEC (B16B)
AEM V2 Induction
OEM EK9 Intake Manifold
Apexi GT 4-2-1 Manifold
Complete OEM EK9 Cat-Back
S4c Gearbox w/ Helical LSD
B16B Radiator
NRG Carbon Spark Plug Cover


Blue Blackworks Rear LCAs
Miracle Cross Bar
HSD DT Coilovers


EK9 Recaros on EK9 Rails
OEM EK9 Carpet
Stripped out rear interior
OEM EK9 mats
Black Type R relpica gear knob
NSX Momo corse steering wheel w/ Spoon Sports horn
NRG Quick Release Hub
Momo Steering wheel boss
Radioshack Piezo Buzzer (headlight reminder)
OEM EK9 Dashboard
OEM EK9 Door cards
Broadway Mirror
OEM EK9 Cluster with MPH Converter
EK9 RX Climate Control Conversion
OEM Ek9 Gear Gaiter
4 Point Takata Safety Harnesses

Rear Wiper Delete
Smoothed out front and rear bumpers
Replica EK9 Grill
Honda Jazz Jet washers
OEM EK4 Headlights
JDM Tail light conversion

Wheels & Brakes

Complete 5 Lug swap with brakes from a UKDM DC2
M-TEC Black Edition Slotted Discs
98 Spec DC2 Rims
Goodridge brake lines

The day after when I got her in the drive. Sitting off the road as I did not have any insurance. A few shots here and there, the red button is actually the horn. The carbon fibre bonnet was not my thing and also I had already purchased an EK9 recaro a few months before buying the car to motivate me in buying a civic lol. and took the seats out for a wee clean inside.

for a laugh i put this in

purchase day insurance i was able to drive it now and then, had tilt brackets for the plate.

the gear knob was also annoying me so i purchased a replica type r one. and you can see the recaro was fitted. more of that later

And things got really boring with the car still being off the road, I decided that it was getting stripped. and so it began. Originally the car was VSM so inside was silver, so i got a few spray cans and did some painting and then decided to dye the carpet red..

Recaro in, and new gear gaiter

next step was to buy some LCAs before getting the car back on the road and a matching recaro. I also had the doorcards retrimmed

The OEM EJ9 wheel's radius was quite big so i needed a new wheel

thought i'd fancy a change with the alloys so I picked myself up some rota slipstreams and also managed to get the arches polyfilled to keep the rust at bay for the time being

and the big day came. When the legendary B16B was all paid for before christmas. But I never got the conversion done till after the new year. I waited till my mechanic was free. so i had this stuff in the room waiting

the wait was over and finally, I was able to experience what the big fuss was about. the power of this thing was just amazing and i fell in love straight away

Then I went and picked up a GT Apexi 4-2-1 Manifold and an AEM V2 intake manifold.

Then I came across a Miracle Cross Bar, as rare as these things are, I had to get it. So I sacrificed selling the rotas and went back on with the TSWs and bought it. I was more than happy with it. excuse the spare tyre

I then purchased a mint set of EK9 Dials, the EJ9 ones were just revving off the clocks with the new engine

Then I decided to get a 5stud swap from a DC2 and with 98spec wheels, the hubs required new discs so I got some MTEC black edition grooved ones.

After a while I decided it was time to put the manifold and induction kit in. The noise from it is fantastic


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Then my long awaited takata harnesses had arrived

purchased a carbon fibre spark plug cover to give the bay a wee dress up

Some rewiring done and now I have the JDM tail light conversion done

Made an order from driftworks for some HSD Coilovers and it is time I changed my unbranded suspension

An ek9 spoiler was also purchased and put on

I had a slight accident but only the front bumper was done in and the day after the accident I managed to hurt my knee so I didnt drive the car for almost a month! So I had already bought a conversion to change my climate control to the EK9 RX model and a new OEM EK9 Gear Gaiter

New Coolant was ordered from honda to fill up the radiator I had to drain. and found this cool JDM sticker on the side of my new dash

and in comparison the old and new climate control

There was a hole on this side of the dash, so i decided to relocate the horn button here

Then purchased EK9 Carpets because I was getting real fussy with my dyed ones lol.

my new wheels and hubs on.

and the miracle bar put back on the other day

EK9 Shell Paid for...


- maintain b16b
- still to pick up the 9.
- sort out wee patches of rust on the 9
- full respray the shell in NHB
- be a complete anal and get all the proper OEM parts (bumpers, headlights and lips, and probably some interior bits)
- deposit also put down for a varis carbon fibre bonnet

I know with the money I have spent, I could have bought an EK9 but I would have known nothing about the car and would have not learned as much as I have from this build, and probably even be scared to modify it! plus it annoys me seeing people scrap good ek9s and break them so i chose the "built not bought" route to intentionally revive one :)

My mechanic is Andrew Baird @ Automek, he has carried out all my work except from my DIY efforts. If you are around Glasgow, I would highly recommend you take your car up to his as he offers great and friendly service and does not cut any corners, I could not let anyone else touch my car. He is already well established in Scotland, Here is site Automek - Servicing & Performance Tuning -Automek - Servicing & Performance Tuning

Thanks for reading C&C welcome

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Great work buddy. Made great reading.

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Great stuff interesting read thanks for all the photos

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Thanks for the kind words folks, appreciate it!

Just realised youre on swiftowners as well :D

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Yeah that's right! I had a swift for four years but didn't mod it because it was my mum's haha!

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looks good that buddy :) think ive seen it about in glasgow
thanks man! yeah usually about Glasgow anyway :)

Nice mate!

Think I seen the start of this on TRS.
Yup that's right I did make one on that with the username "killally" it's a shame though because that forum doesn't seem to be very active :\

So anyway, I was planning to update this thread on Monday, wasn't gonna be a big update because it was only going to be an oil change, new oil and fuel filter too..

but after going to my local chemist to pick up prescription for my mum I come back to find this!

The guy had the decency to come back and give me his details. I seen a bit of plastic sitting on my bonnet and I thought to myself "must have been the wee kids throwing **** at my car". sat in the car, looked at the wing mirror and thought something wasn't right. lady knocks on my window and asks if I had hit her car. Her hyundai was less damaged, as it was only her wing mirror. she tried to blame me but I had just got back.

The guy that hit us showed up saying he came out the give way and a car was coming down really fast (it was a tight road) and he sways to avoid him and ****s it into my car.

For me, I was a tad annoyed but at the back of my mind, I knew I was getting the Type R shell anyway. Only thing that pissed me off was the new bumper was cracked! Was hoping to sell that on as it is still in matte black.

So the damage;

- slight crack on edge of the front bumper
- passenger side wing hammered and scratched badly
- side repeaters gone
- passenger door handle also hammered and scraped
- wing mirror destroyed (mechanics still work!)
- rear quarter panel stabbed twice and side mouldings gone
- last but not least, the integra wheel has a tiny tiny scratch

I don't think I want to go with insurance. as it will most likely screw my premiums next year. So i'll probably price the damage up and say for example it came to like £800, I'll ask for £600 and prob DIY it and put it towards my reshell. I will have to see what happens......

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:( sorry to see someone crashed into you.

Very nice project tonnes of work you have already put into this thing. Highly looking forward to see how she turns out in the end!

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thanks for the kind words folks :)

Ask to buy it back. It will get written off and then you will Be able to strip it down and transplant into the other shell

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my thoughts exactly about it being wrote off, but I dont want it going through with insurance tbh. I'd rather speak to the guy and sort a deal with him privately but still waiting on a call from his transport manager.
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