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after running my car for a few months now with the Elite EGR off stage one map i thought i would provide a write up for you all.
The car: 2010 Civic 2.2 diesel
Mileage: 25k
previous mpg 35mpg city/dual carridgeway spirited driving

Ok so after having the Elite stage one map applied to my car i went up to meet Dave at Elite who said he wanted to try his EGR off map on a civic to test for increased figures on his dyno.
we applied the new map and ran the car making 193bhp and 320ish ft/lb torque i do have the exact figures on the forum somewhere..

leaving Elites and driving on the streets back to the M1 i didnt at first notice much of a difference until i was able to put my foot down and WOW the torque delivery was incredible, i huge wave of power hits you and continues to surge all the way through the revs.
On reaching the M1 i set my cruise control for a 70mph run with occasional spurts of speed to overtake slower cars, and suddenly im seeing for the first time in my ownership 50mpg!i continue my 260mile journey home still seeing those figures.
Overtaking on the motorway was abreeze with the new power, hills are dealt with effortlessly, all in all my trip home was very impressive.

now after a few months ive had time to get used to the power and have had my suspension changed to help me put the power down more effectivley and well all i can say is its one hell of a A to B car,eating corners and slingshotting out at speed with no effort, i rarley even put my foot to the floor as i dont need to!

before tuning i managed about 330miles to a tank of which i was very unimpressed, since tuning i have averaged 400 miles to a tank on my last few tanks and as i say thats with very spirited driving, with some calmer driving i should see much better results but i just cant keep away from the GO pedal!

Had a chance to run against a standard 2.2 from some lights and i couldnt count how many car lengths difference the Elite map gave me.

so far all i can say is that the map can be a bit laggy if caught in the wrong gear but it soon gets on boost and makes up for it!
Clutch issues? none so far with just under 3k miles driven with the map under very hard conditions and no problems atall.

very good map made the car even better better mpg better power better drivability... coupled with good suspension an you have a beast on your hands!
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