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I thought that pending errors are not readable :)
First thing is to buy my own HDS...
To everyone, THX for your effort.
I will provide feedback through some time.

Hi there,

I see this subject is quite old but I happened to come across the very same issues as you...any feedback for us please?

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My advice is to use 2nd gear when rolling in traffic or car parks.
1st is a low gear to get you off the line quickly, both my 1.8 and FN2 do the same like every other car I have owned.
Not always easy to feather the throttle at slow speeds.

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Wife's civic used to be the same when purchased with 56,000 on the clock.
I found that Shell Vpower and a good thrashing now and then works wonders.

It definitely likes the Vpower and I can feel the difference if I fill up with standard fuel.
It feels knappy if you know what I mean.

Results will not be overnight however and if you do a lot of miles the extra expense may be hard to justify.
Mpg gains are negligible but the car runs better.

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Or paying the extra for it has a wonderful placebo effect on smoothness, performance and car happiness.>:)

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I've noticed that my 1.8 2011 car does this too. Thing is, every car I've ever had has done this, so I've always put it down to me doing something wrong. I'm pretty sure the Civic didn't do this when I got it either.

It's especially noticeable when going down a car-park spiral ramp in 1st gear with slight throttle (2nd gear coast is far too fast), the car gets all herkey-jerkey.

Really curious to know what it could be, and whether ignoring it could do more damage long term. I guess I should get a scanner on it, no EML though.

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I have bought Civic, 5door, 1.8 petrol model/R18A engine, 8th gen., from ´06, produced in GB.

Car has 100t km and is well maintained. But there is one problem -> engine hesitation/jerking in low speeds.
I read that some of you have similar problem but there is no solution specified.

Brief description of problem:
Engine hesitation when light but constant pressure on accelerator pedal is applied. The engine isn´t sure what to do, to accelerate or not, so it does both in very small time increments (like someone is playing with gas pedal). Driving experience is very unpleasent because car jiggles and passengers shake. This usually happens in lower gears and lower rpms (1500 – 2500rpms) for example: when going downhill with slight pressure on gas pedal or while crawling in traffic jam in 1st or 2nd gear. It can be seen in rpm gauge that rpms jerk for app. 100rpms up and down in small time increments...

Other inputs:
Engine is low in petrol consumption, max speed OK, oil consumtion very low and everything else OK.
When in idle, everything seems OK, rpms are steady.
When driving on full gas, every now and than, it hiccup for a blink of the eye in any rpm - this is rare but happens...
ECU software reflash was done.
Valve clearance adjusted.
Baterry new.
Sparks new.
There is no error on HDS.
Petrol pump is new.
HDS records misfire, but everything within tolerance limits - when misfire shows it has nothing to do with this subject defect because I dont feel it at all.

I sent snapshot to Honda Europe and here is answer:
Possible cause could be the EGR Valve or throttle body, may it is just necessary to clean the throttle body.
Dlr. should check as well if the connection of the ECU is all right and no pins are corrosion!
I have noticed at the snapshot that the fuel mixture is sometimes to lean, therefore Dlr. should check (measure) the AF- Sensor 1 according to MaRIS!

My thoughts are:
pedal sensor, AF sensor, throttle body...

Authorized mechanics are not interested in solving this problem, dont have enough knowledge, experience etc... So I am forced to do it on mine own...

Hey, i have a car with the same problem. It doesnt even log a fault or misfire. Had a leaking injector, brought up neg. Fuel trim from -14 to -6. All fuel system and ignition and air is new... Removed harness connector from the engine ecu and there is corossion and oil.. Check poc.


Will let u know after cleaning and checkin other bits will fix the hessitation.
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