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Good morning (sorry for my english),

First of all, introduce myself. I have a honda civic type s 2.2, 2009 model, with 80,000 kms, quite well taken care of.

I tell you my problem that makes me bitter to see if someone has happened or can help me;

A couple of months ago randomly the car to put the contact did not start, and the panel threw 3 errors: VSA, Airbag and the engine symbol. I did not give much importance, since as I had to change the battery, I assumed it was that, since it happened 1 out of 10 starts. Quickly change the battery for a pretty good VARTA as always.

My surprise that after a few days, the failure happened again ...

I realized that if the green key does not appear when you put the contact, it does not start, you can put in and take out the key many times that if you are lucky and the key appears, it will start, if not, it will not start. The behavior of the car is normal if it starts to start, it does not show any failure, but if it does not start it shows those 3 failures.

I went to the workshop, and the switchboard was throwing an error P0602, programming error of the ECU. In the Honda are 1900 Euros. I opted for what some users did, find me a second-hand ECU, clone it, remove the faults and replace it. It worked .... but only 3 days. It has returned to throw me the same failures and the car does not start in any way .... so it is neither battery nor the ECU (although the diagnosis indicates a programming error of the ECU). When entering the diagnostic machine there is no communication with the car anymore.

I tried everything, put the software back in the switchboard, reject it, look fuses in case something is frying the switchboard but nothing.

In some cases it has been solved updating the software of the ECU, which only Honda can do, but I take it to the Honda and do not know what I'm talking about ... they put the machine and throws that error , that error is the ECU and so on.

Can you guide me? Do you know of any case that has happened to you?

Thank you
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