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EP3/Skyline swap

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just thot i would share this for anyone who has been browsing cars recently and wondering weather take the leap and go for absolute beast;)

my friend found this and decided to swap his milano ep3 for it.
it looks even better in real life and its in great condition mechanicaly. he hasnt really been able to get the most from it yet due to the constant wet weather weve had the last two days tho. cant wait to get a shot of it myself:)

fully forged 2.5l flat 6 single turbo
endless list of other mods!!!!!!!!


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tbh I'm not digging the bodykit / chav tuning at all but I LOVE the skyline indeed.
It is quite bold!!
Hes promised to remove all the stickers and a few af the chavvy bits, he knows what it is and its just for fun for him. hes not ** usual poser driver ud expect to be seen it a car modded like this.
Love it.

I tip my hat at those that have the time and effort to run these but when I look at it all I see is 'money pit'
that does look nice :)
I'd swap an EP3 for a Skyline any day of the week. Completely different class of car.
nice i'd have a skyline if i could afford it
agree i would of snatched his hands off for a swap with an EP3
thats a beast good swap imo.
Yeah wouldn't turn that down, beast of a car!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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