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Essex Meet

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Just like to say thanks to Kat for organising the Meet ;)

Had a good time at a lovely place and nice to put names to new faces.
Sorry I didnt get round to speaking to everyone.
Especially lolly...
...who I never really get much of a chance to chat to for one reason or other and then its too late.

I'll make a point of this next time as I feel kind of guilty :oops:

Tim love that car.

I dont know who the nutter with the sound system is but its pretty epic :D :thumbsup:

Cant believe I forgot all about photos.

I left early so love to know what you lot got upto.
Did I miss much ?

Oh...and wifey wanted me to say hi to the people she met...dont know why...must be the drugs ;) :lol:
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Was lovely meeting u! U really do know your stuff - A GOD :p

Just wanna +1 on it being a lovely day and was great to put faces to forum names :)
Relic et al - you are most welcome, it was a pleasure. If y'all want to do it again, I'll phone a couple of weeks in advance and reserve an area. Can't promise I'll be able to do the same trick with the weather though...

I will be putting some pics up later in the week, hope to get them sorted tonight but might take me a day or two to get through them - watch this space.

The lovely day was slightly marred for me by hubby's reaction when I got home (I'd find it funny, except I do feel I bore for England sometimes by not shutting up about him or his g'dam car) - but no biggie, it's hard when your team lose big to their major rivals, wifey isn't there to share the pain, and you've got through 8 pints in 5½ half-hours. /Rant over.

He's calmed down now, and managed to look sheepish this morning when he admitted it's fairer that he replace the kettle, since it was him what broke it. Probably just as well. Damn thing was possessed anyway ;)

Apart from that, it was a blast, thanks guys.

(PS: the little tank-slapper incident on the way out of Maylandsea wasn't exactly part of the plan either but all's well that ends well :oops:)
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Aw...well it was a lovely day Kat! U did a mighty fine job there :D x

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+1 on what the above have said...Kat well done on your organization skills including the lush weather:) really enjoyed it and defo up for the next one!!
relic,at least we briefly had a moment for once!!;)
Next time I'm sneakily swapping my keys and reg plates with Tim; he won't notice I'm sure :p

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cheers for a great day guys and gals good to see a supercharged beast nice to see the diffrent types of exhust and sounds that villiage we drove threw must have wonderd wat was going on with 7 type rs all roarring
Next time I'm sneakily swapping my keys and reg plates with Tim; he won't notice I'm sure :p

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I'll bring one of the boys down to guard my car from sneaky alabaster owners :D Was nice to meet you, the cars looking and sounding good!

Big thanks to Kat for making it happen, and to everyone who attended to make a usual boring sunday afternoon a bit more exciting. Some good roads round there so i think a round 2 will have to happen at some point!
Definitely mate, round 2 would be good! :)
Good stuff. I'll see what I can do. Watch this space... :)
I live down the road from bubble and will hopefully be about for the next one (new clutch and staged 2'd as well ;) )
Sounds good mate, the more the better :)

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Hi yeah was a great well done to you Kat!
and the weather was great too was an awesome sunset over the canary warf on the way home.
good to see all the cars Couldn't possibly call the favourite.. they are all fantastic
I felt a little inadequate with my SE 1.8 but still reckon did well to keep up with you all.
off to honda now to pick up more mods..

Hi everyone,

Bumping the thread with a few pics! Thanks so much for all your kind words btw, we will be doing this again in a month or two. I'll pop up a thread when I've got a better handle on how my weekends are panning out. In the meantime, enjoy...



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Funky pics kat :)
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