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Hi guys,
recently acquired my 2009 1.8 EX 5dr black hatchback a couple of weeks ago after many months of scouring the internet-am well chuffed to finally get to experience VTEC and be part of this forum!.......I could however really use some help buying a car manual and I'd prefer not to fork out the £30 my dealership is requesting...can anyone guide me?
Is there a part number on the back of the car manual that I could look out for on ebay so I could purchase the appropriate one? There are a lot on eBay but I'm not sure if they contain the info I need about the electronics, Sat NAV EX trim etc.

Also if anyone wants to comment I would really welcome any suggestions on my shopping list of things for the car...
-4 new tyres
-New brakes, calipers etc
-tinted windows
-remove minor scratches/paintwork

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The 1.8 is a DOHC engine it just doesn't have the extra VTEC cams that the TypeR has.

You will feel a bit of a boost at 5000 or so with more noise but not the oomph of the R.
It has 143 BHP not 200.
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