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I took my honda for a service so they can investigate a smell of diesel in the car. It was the dreaded exhaust manifold...

I spoke to honda uk who informed me that as there was a service missing (lockdown) and it was outside of the extended warranty they wouldnt help at all.

Honda themselves wanted nearly £1700 to repair it also.

How much is a reasonable price to get this repaired by an independent garage?

I pretty handy but from all the information on here it seems unwise to try and fix myself.

Has anyone experienced hondas customer service like this before?

Im planning to speak to the motoring ombudsman because you cant set a time limit when your selling cars with faulty components. This car has been a headache from the moment I picked it up. I heard such good things about honda aswell.

Any advise is welcome.
You can purchase a second hand manifold and have it fitted from any local trusted garage for a reasonable price, I have a fn2 type r but I'm sure I've seen a post regarding a common fault with the diesel manifold cracking!
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