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Had a look at the I-Mid Diagnostic screen today, just out of interest - accessed by holding Menu & Source simultaneously for a few moments.

I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what the various menu options are? (Those that are not self explanatory)

The options are:

In Line Diag :???:
Camera :???:
Display Check (Various display check screens; Colours etc)
Product info (VIN, S/N etc)
Artwork :???:
Pandora :???:

The simple ones are Artwork and Pandora; I tried toggling them (checking the PANDORA box :laugh2:) but didn't notice an immediate difference. Anything I could find on Pandora was as an internet radio in NA, But I didn't get an additional source on the head unit after enabling it.

In line diag seems to be a test of various functions - pressing buttons seemed to have some effect, colour changing an such, but the acronyms weren't very informative.

Finally, That leaves the camera:- I've got some idea of what this is for, It seems to adjust the positioning of certain points of the reversing camera - Problem is, I faffed with it :grin2: - Does anyone know the starting X-Y coords for the initial position of the red dot? (Far bottom left)

Cheers :grin2:

I've added some pictures of the Camera option, and the menu so those that are less adventurous can have a look.


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Thats good timing :smile3:

Only had my Civic for a week but was also meddling with the 'hidden' menu last night to see if there was anything interesting, honest answer - no not yet anyway!

As you know the position of the red dot changes everytime you press 'Source'

The Co-ords for the very first screen (Red Dot bottom Left) on mine are : X008 Y224

Then the next position (Red Dot at base of left hand line) : X088 Y186

If you need any further info - Just yell
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