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First of all; The car in question is a 2006 Honda Civic FK3 2.2CDTI - LHD

We're in a bit of a sticky situation as we're currently on a road-trip. The car is driving perfectly fine, power steering is working as it should
and no "check engine" light is on while driving. However, when me and my girlfriend was driving yesterday, the SRS light popped up. We pulled
over and turned off the engine. After a few minutes, I started the car and the SRS-light disappeared. After driving for an hour or so, it came back on.
Strangely enough, both times the "ding!" sound and the Airbag/SRS-light came on, it happened as my girlfriend leaned forward in the passenger seat.

When we arrived at the hotel we're staying at, I did the paperclip-method on the OBD-II port and got these codes:

Dash-gauge: PA10 DTC B1008
SRS Light: 41 (four long, 1 short - repeated/looped)
Power Steering: 22 (two long, two short - repeated/looped)

I've done some Googling and reading up here on the forums, and I personally like to avoid making "yet another one of those" posts before doing a little
research to find the answer. However, I wanted to ask you guys a few things about what I found from the codes.

DTC B1008: MICU Lost Communication with Gauge Control Module (Tach) (A/T Message)
NOTE: Before troubleshooting, check the No. 16 (15 A) fuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box and No. 10 (7.5 A) fuse in the under-dash fuse/relay box.

- Done and done. Fuses are OK. Also, not 100% sure what MICU is and Gauge Control Module (Tach) is. Is this something to be concerned about?

SRS Light: 41
Looking at this thread I find several 41-xx and further down, under "CIVIC"
specifics, the codes doesn't go further than 22. However, there is one in the list called "4-1" - Not quite sure if this is related to 4 long blinks and 1 short (which is what
I got using the paperclip method) - so I'm all in all abit confused to wether this is "No Signal From Driver Front Impact Sensor" or, as I suspect, "open circuited Or high
Resistance In Passenger Seat Belt Tensioner"

Like I said earlier in the post; my girlfriend was leaning forward, so the seatbelt-lock might have "jumped out" of the connection inside the buckle/lock or maybe there's
a bad connection in there. This only happens if there's someone sitting in the passenger seat. If nobody is there, there's no SRS-light popping up when I start the car.

Power Steering: 22
Looking at this site it seems like 22-xx is "Engine Speed Signal"
Doing some "brain search" of my own, it's a known issue with my Civic that I have to drive 57 km/h on the speedometer to actually drive 50 km/h (+7 km/h)
I know that speedo showing abit off is normal and that most car manufactorers do this to avoid showing too little in case of going up/down in rim/tyre dimensions.
But could it be related to the speed signal from the engine differs from what the power steering is fed? If I understand the EPS correctly, it adjusts it's hardness according
to the speed you're driving to "simulate" a traditional hydraulic pump so you don't get a SUPER-LIGHT steeringwheel when going 80+km/h and vice-verca.


I might be 100% off with everything here, but I just wanted to ventilate my thoughts and questions I have regarding to this.

The MOST important one for us is the SRS-light. I absolutely respect safety, and I understand that "nothing is guaranteed"
But the main question is; Does this fault-code disable the airbag system in the car? Or does it mean that it skips the "weight check" in the seats (if there's a passenger
present) and will make it deploy the airbags in an impact regardless? I'd rather have it function than having it being disabled due to this light/code.

- Thank you for reading the cluster-post :b
I just wanted to make it clear that I've done some reading, got some confusions and I hope someone with more knowledge might clear-the-air for me regarding these
codes ;b

// Cheers!
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