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Faulty fuel gauge?

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Hey. Does Someone have similar issue? 2.2 diesel type s mk8
Did ~320miles. Diesel level gauge well over a half of tank (pic below).
Put more diesel at this stage, and still managed to top it up with 30 litres??? When tank is ~50l?

Faulty gauge or what? (in tank sensor?)
I also never seen reserve light on, it died twice on me (PGM-FI, had to be towed away), when gauge was below quarter (~500-450miles on trip) - once when had to speed up quickly from stationary, other time after going uphill, , just after reaching the top... :)

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Certainly appears to be a faulty gauge. For what its worth my 1.8 takes 30lt from around the 1/4ish area of the gauge.
Might be a faulty float/lever on the fuel pump? Or at least that's how it is on the 1.8 fuel pump/filter. It's under the handbrake and an utter pain as smelly fuel will get everywhere. Good design in terms for packaging but no good for maintenance.

My 1.8 gauge has always followed a sensible path.

The reserve light definitely works when needed, there's a big LCD display that tells you also.
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