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While doing datalogs on my R, it came up that I have a faulty O2 sensor as my AFR seems to be flat lining at 13.8:1 when it should read richer.
It reads correctly when on cruise or light throttle, but on WOT it does not read correct.

It seems this is a common occurrence on our cars, but i have searched around quite a bit and have not come across anyone with this issue.
I am still covered by warranty, but it's unlikely Honda can pick it up unless the sensor is completely faulty. Will be giving them a call later today and see how it goes.

Symptoms i'm experiencing are bad fuel economy even with decent (cruise control) driving, jerky acceleration in low gears, etc. I brought this up with Honda at my last service and they said it may be the clutch as quite a few people have the same issue and they have taken it up with Honda Warranty.

Anyone else with this issue?
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