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hi, i recently found out that someone had bumped into my car in the parking lot while i was away. i saw the rear parking sensor popping out of its place along with some scratches on the bumper. but i managed to pop it back into its place. since then when ever i put in reverse gear, the buzzer goes off loudly and continuously as if an obstacle is close by. i went to honda to order a replacement and they quoted me £109 for 2 sensors (it comes in pair) and £42 for the fitting plastic thats around the sensors.:(

is there any way to fix this with a cheaper alternative? i just need 1 passenger rear sensor which doesn't put a hole in my wallet. or would it work if i reset the parking sensors? i saw some sets of parking sensors in ebay for £50. but they seem to be different to what i have in my car and i am afraid they might not be compatible. i wonder if i could get just 1 sensor cheaply from a scrap yard that is compatible.

installing a completely brand new after market kit seems to be way cheaper than just 1 tiny sensor from honda. :mad:
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