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To save a lot of phonecalls and emails here is a few common questions and official answers from Mugen:

Will any of the parts (and in particular the Air Cleaner 17200-XKR-K0S0, Exhaust System 1800-XLR-K0S0 and Exhaust Manifold 18100-XLR-K0S0) not fit into a left hand drive FN2?

All parts should fit a LHD car as far as we are aware except the ASSIST METERS which are only produced for RHD vehicles. We are not aware of there being any issues with the air box, exhaust system or the exhaust manifold. But we haven’t tried fitting them so I cant be 100%.

If so, do you know if Mugen has plans to develop left hand drive variants of these equipments?

Mugen do not develop anything for LHD cars unfortunately.

Will the stock FN2 rear bumper (with the triangular exhaust vents) work with the Exhaust System 1800-XLR-K0S0, or would I have to use the Rear Bumper 84111-XLR-K0S0?

Yes all the Mugen parts should independently work with Honda OEM standard equipment.

Does the Air Cleaner 17200-XKR-K0S0 require the use of the Front Bumper 62511-XLR-K0S0 for maximum effect?

It is not essential to use the front bumper but the air ducts in the front do help air flow and weight reduction.

Is the Air Cleaner 17200-XKR-K0S0 effect diminished (or useless) with the stock FN2 front bumper?

No not at all. It was made to work with standard front bumper, the Mugen bumper assists with weight reduction and air flow to required areas.

The Front Bumper 62511-XLR-K0S0 seems to have four "air ducts", two of which are located where the foglights sit on the stock FN2 front bumper. Can the stock FN2 foglights be fitted into the Front Bumper 62511-XLR-K0S0 (effectively blocking two of the air ducts)?

Yes the fittings on the bumper, fog lamps, air ducts and OEM bumper are all the same so compatibility is not an issue.

Is the Air Cleaner 17200-XKR-K0S0 effect diminished (or useless) with the Front Bumper 62511-XLR-K0S0 with fitted foglights (obvioulsy depends on answer to above question)?

The air box on the M20 is special and not the same as XLR parts. It is made purely to work with the air ducts on the front bumper. The XLR air box is made to work with the standard equipment.

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Bleedin eck, someone's had their coffee :D

Thanks for FAQ, it's already answered a question I had in my mind about the front mugen fender
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