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My wife has agreed a purchase of a 4 year old used 2.2CTDi EX from a Honda main dealer, and its a car that came from another dealership, so we provisionally agreed the purchase based on description of the car, mileage etc, but not yet having seen the car.

The car in question arrived at our local dealers yesterday, so we went over for the viewing and to confirm the purchase.

There are 3 things that I picked out, but that the dealer feels I am being overly fussy, and I should expect some marks on a 4 year old car (they are right to a certain extent I guess).

The perspex cover over the rev counter is scratched (badly in my opinion - not so in the dealers). Granted, you can't see if from sitting directly in front, but can from the side.

The surround on the drivers door that goes around the electric window switches is also quite badly scratched.

The cover on the back of the rear seats has holes in. Someone has obviously had the rear seats laid flat, and whatever has been put on top has gone through the back of the seat lining.

My question is, do you think I am being unreasonable with a 4 year old car, are these common areas of damage, and does anyone know cost of replacement parts, so I have some facts to haggle with.

My problem is, I negotiated hard on the car to start with, and it is rock bottom price already, plus whereas I would possibly walk away if I felt the dealer was not playing ball, my wife is already in love with the car, and I think the dealer can see that, which reduces any powers of negotiation I have.

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You do expect some wear and tear on a 4 year old car :(

As far as the damage goes - In my opinion I don't think much will happen with the switch surround or the rear cover on the back seats, but the scratches on the rev counter should be fixed

This is the anti glare coating that has been damaged (the it is very weak and easily scratched and needs to be cleaned with great care), this will obviously get worse and will never get better. I would argue it's anti glare for a reason and it is not 100% anti glare at the moment. Perhaps you couldn't see the damage sitting in the drivers seat, but did you drive the car? As the car moves relative to the sun the problem will be noticeable and even dangerous depending where the damage is (it will stop you seeing parts of the dash that you may require - a sort of blind spot)

I would be looking to get rev counter anti glare screen replaced as a safety issue.
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