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Really nice looking car - got the Alabaster silver sport - 3k on the clock, standard 17in wheels.

  • Initial impressions are that is looks very modern, the interior instrument cluster is well set out, driving position is good and plenty of room.
  • The head up speed display is good, although it will take a bit of discipline stopping me staring at it.
  • I had to reduce the brightness of the display as the rev counter was reflecting onto the windscreen and obscuring vision.
  • I am 6 feet 4 and the seating position and head room is excellent.
  • The ride is quite firm and handling is responsive.
  • My mats are too big for the drivers side footwell - have to get the scissors out.
  • Power through the gears is good, however it doesnt have the wow factor that my Leon FR TDI had (10bhp more and 16k miles)
  • The semi restricted views out of all areas will take getting used to, particularly the rear. The large A pillars are a little bit obstructive with me being so tall.
  • Engine is a lot quiter than the Leon.
  • The HID lights are fantastic, however, they appear to be a little higher than normal - not a problem for me though, just other drivers.
  • Bought the car from Springfield Honda Sunderland and they dealt with my private plate transfer, put the plates on and serviced the car before I picked it up. An excellent service from a good dealer.
  • Overall - very impressive and am looking forward to seeing it and driving it in the light.:D

12th June 2006 1.8EX
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My mats are too big for the drivers side footwell - have to get the scissors out.

Are the mats official Honda ones? if they are I would return them, not take scissors or any other sharp implement to them. They should fit perfectly.
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