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objective install new car hifi with no external Amps, with hidden USB, and hands free phone.

finally here is a picture of my Kenwood unit in my Type R, have also fitted a Parrot bluetooth ck3100LCD, which is hidden in the centre console, with seperate speaker - more wiring but cleaner audio from stereo.

I used connects2 honda inteface

connects2 steering wheel interface

connects2 stereo remote interface for kenwood

all from dvbcarradio.co.uk

Honda dashboard facia, single din pocket from Honda

some home made metal brackets to keep it all together under the dash.

new 12v supply direct from the battery via a standard 12v switch relay, used original radio supply to switch.

replaced all speaker cable from caraudiodirect.

replaced all speakers with Alpine sps-17c2 from caraudiocentre.co.uk

fitted secondskin damping panels to doors from caraudiodirect.co.uk

taken 3 weeks due to work commitments and connects2 having the same part no for two different cables. taking the dash apart is a bit of a pain.

sound quality and quantity is fantastic, lots of low bass, all mirrors shake and you can feel the bass through your chest, the steering wheel controls work as well.

if anyone wants to do this i would say the cost excluding the headunit was approx. £350 which is cheaper than alot of the double din units..
to cut costs, i removed the tweeters from the front speakers and mounted them where the normal tweeters are, not forgetting to add the capacitor to filter out the low freq. to them..

thanks to the wiki and ice part of the formum on civic info for all the background info. great :D


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Dont suppose you have all the part numbers , just for the head unit stuff. Also will i still be able to use my USB and ipod connector from inside the center console, if i have the iputs on my single din headunit
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