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My mean red machine is nearing its first birthday so I thought a few observations would be appropriate.
Now passed 7.000 miles without any real issues, including a couple of holidays to Scotland (Borders and Isle of Bute) which included a tour through the beautiful scenery of Lock Lomond, Loch Long to Arachar and then Lock Fyne to The Colintraive ferry - a demanding drive and she never missed a beat and the I-Shift was delightful.
Drove back to Hull in the day and found it a comfortable drive. Suspension is harder than my last Civic but apart from some of the local drain covers not uncomfortable.
Before the holidays I invested in a spare wheel and the day before we left lo and behold a nail found one of the rear tyres, luckily I noticed it and had the repaired before we left.
The car has more than met my expectations and I would have no worries about another when the time comes.
My only negative is that the cabin noise can be slightly intrusive at times.
A few people on here have commented about I-Shift both positive and negative all I can say I love it. It took a little time to learn how to get the best out of it, but it soon become second nature. I use both auto and manual but probably 70/30 in favour of Auto.

All in all a great car.
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