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Hello everyone,

I've just picked up my Civic 1.6D tourer (51k miles) today from a dealer in Derby.
Its alot less power than my previous car (Mazda 6 2.2D remapped 210BHP) but i was surprised how nippy the Civic actually was on way back home to Doncaster.

I would like to modify the Civic in the future i.e aftermarket bonnet
not too sure which versions of the Civic parts actually fit on the tourer if any of the hatchback stuff fit or if the sizes are a little different at all.

I've looked at possiblity of doing a remap in future getting power upto 168bhp
Also to reducing some weight with bucket seats and lighter alloy wheels for general better performance all round.

Hoping to find some good links on this forum for aftermarket parts and just lernign how to use all functions on the car

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