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HI all,

had my civic since monday. it is a 2007 plate 2.2cdti EX, mixed reaction so far. i expect high standards from honda, but after reading this forum i get the impression the civic is left wanting a bit in this department.

I was sold on the car because of the funky interior, fuel economy and reviews on car sites such as autoexpress and so forth. i honestly like it, but not sure if i love it, yet.

My previous car, 51 plate bmw 318ti i loved from day one. to compare, the bmw was slower, at least in acceleration but the ride comfort was better, and at the time i used to think it was not great, the handling also was much better in the bmw.

economy is not a contest , civic so far seems miles ahead, but i guess it is unfair to compare diesel against petrol. from

so as i said mixed bag so far. but it has only been about 3 days. hopefully it will grow on me more.
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