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Hello, I have got myself some 5mm blue leds with chrome holder, I have six seperate leds and I was wanting to place them in the centre console somewhere where the leds themselvea rent visible, just the light.

I want to put one inside the centre armrest, 2 in the drink holder area to light that up and 2 more inside the cubby hole in front of the gear stick so I can see what I put in there.

My questions today are where is the best place to take a positive power lead from, ciggy lighter? Could I also use the ciggy lighter cables as the negative.

Here is my next question, is there any cables under the centre console that are only live when the sidelights are on so that the leds only light when my sidelights are switched on.

And my last question, the centre console, I take it its just the four caps and screws that I need to be looking at taking out to remove it, I was hoping to install all the leds for this part away fomr the vehicle as drilling holes is neccesary.

The top cubby hole I hope to drill holes for inside the car and feed the cables down beside the gear stick to under the centre console.
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