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Morning all,

Having trawled the internet I'm still struggling to find a definitive answer - Will the standard Type R FK2 exhaust fit on a pre-facelift MK9? A 2014 1.8 GT EX to be precise? I'm not looking for performance (let's be honest, I'd have bought a Type R if that was the case), a little extra rumble at full chat and the aesthetic is my main goal.

I know the rear bumper will need some modification to fit the tail pipes, and the downpipes are completely different, however from underneath the car and from pictures online it ~looks~ like the mid-pipe back and the rear-box have the same fittings?

I'm tempted to take a punt on eBay, stock Type R exhausts are going in the region of anywhere between £80 to £200 which feels like a bargain compared to the £400 - £500 I've been quoted for a custom job. Can anybody tell me if I'm wasting my time and petrol before arranging to pick one up?

Thanks in advance, and of course if it's confirmed to fit I'll do a full write up of the process, with pictures!
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