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Depends whether you want to run the group N map or get the car mapped (and what other mods you want to do).

I ran the group N map for a month or so before I had the car modded & mapped. What I found is the car is more agressive on the throttle and it feels like there is more torque available higher up the rev range (whether there is or not I'm unsure as never had it tested on a rolling road). The main difference is the lowering of the VTEC window (think its 3,800rpm but can't remember if thats right). Essentially you get more VTEC access lower down the rev range and that makes the car more enjoyable to drive.

If you use the flashpro and get the car mapped on a rolling road (or e-tuned) then you will really see a major change in how the car performs. My car is in a different league to standard and in my view is what Honda should have provided in the first place.

Best thing to do is find someone local to yourself who has the group N map installed and have a run out in their car, you can judge better what the difference is.:p

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Yes I have one.

Huge difference on a car with mods, stock vs flahpro'd.
Even worth it on a stock CTR for the extra low down torque & top end power.
It is IMO, a must have mod!
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