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Hi all,

Well first the sad news... I am no longer a proud owner of a civic anymore :( I had to sell up after many years of joyful driving my EX but before I go the following happened, I searched and couldn't find an answer/reason.

So the problem started when I couldn't open the boot via the boot button, car started fine... eventually I opened using the emergency release inside the boot but still didn't open from the outside.

The day after I noticed that when a door was opened the indicators would flash once, when a door was closed it would flash 3 times like when you lock and unlock the car. For the life of me I couldn't find out what was going on, I even looked up replacing the alarm battery, door lock buttons on the driver door.. So I took the car for a long drive... viola! everything works fine again and then it hit me...

My battery is about 3 years old, previous nights were freezing in the minus figures, taking it for a drive charged it up again, so I can only assume my Civic decided to warn me the battery was low on charge?

Not heard of it before or maybe I was too lazy to read the manual... anyway hope this helps someone.
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