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Hey there guys,

I've a 1.8 ivtec FK2 and fitted some FN2 seats that i've found online. It was a simple bolt-on job and swapping the seatbelt pre-tensioners. Since i've had the care to disconnect from the battery (thank you guys who did this before) i didn't got any warning/fault light on my dash.

I'm very pleased with them but the backrest seems to be loose on both of them. When i break hard (doesn't need have be very hard actually) i feel the backrest pushing against my back and then rattling like is loose.

I suspect the culprits are the cables that pull the seat when there is need to access the back seats on the FN variants (remember mine is a FK2 so i have doors to the back seats). From all the pushing must have gone loose/worn.

Has anyone experienced something similar before?
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