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FN2 Clear Lacquer Peeling

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My Type R FN2 suffers from horrible lacquer peeling and stone chips on the front bumper, bonnet and wing mirror covers:

What is the cheapest way I could fix these, while still keeping the car paint of the exact same colour (Milano Red)? I was thinking of buying a used front bumper of the same colour from eBay, but most of them there have the same clear lacquer peeling problems...
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Cheapest thing would be to try and repair it yourself such as in this video -

But I've never had good luck with aerosol lacquer tbh. Always ended up dull. Might be worth a try on a mirror cover as a test patch though as you can remove it from the car easier.

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The two pack clear lacquer aerosol is far better than the normal stuff, but needs to be used within 24 hours of the can being activated (sooner the better). It dries to a hard finish and polishes great, a little more pricey but worth it for a factory finish look.
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Awesome, thanks for the suggestions guys. I will keep you updated on this post on the progress I make and how I do it.
For the wing mirror covers I have found some really cheap replacement parts on euro car parts, so I will just do that; the rest will most likely need the aerosol method!
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