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Hi All, The other day my car popped up with low oil pressure and low oil which there was plenty on the dipstick but was at the end of its life. It Generated a error code p2610- powertrain m/pcm internal engine off timer performance which i searched and found nothing and cleared it. car drove home fine.

Drained the oil the following day and done the spark plugs as the car has come upto 75k done that all is well. but since the car has not felt the same interms of pickup not had anymore errors since. Checked some of my hondata logs going in 3rd gear from 28-70 its over a second slower and im only running the group N map with light breathing mods ( but noticed the AFR as soon as vtec is in at 3800 its hitting the deck to 10 then coming upto 11.4 then dropping back to 10's back and forth and all the way to redline around 10.1 (not long put a new lamda in as the previous one was dead) , normal driving it fine even idle it sounds no different. I've got plenty of logs if anyone would like to take a look before and after this has happened.

For peace of mind i lifted the valve cover off thought i would check the timing top end looked fine to me the crank pulley im not 100% sure as there are multiple markings the one white and one red, I'm assuming its meant to be on the white marker.

links to the pictures below sorry for the blur on the crank pulley it was the best I could get the yellow marking is the one it is that is lined up when its TDC. I don't have a crank removal 50mm tool yet to get it off to confirm this.



Fingers crossed no major damage, Any input is greatly appreciated
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