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I've had an FN2 for over 10 years now, it's been turbo charged and has a GearX gearbox but it's now in storage and I've moved on to a new project. Not a civic but still a civic at heart.

I've always really liked the K20 and always wanted to put it into something RWD. Everything jap has been going up in price thanks to covid tax so had to shop around and decided to go for a RX8 R3 at before they started to get really expensive. I bought a broken k20z4 engine out a fn2 and decided I would rebuild it for boost and stick it in this RX8 with a E90 m3 DCT gearbox.

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I spent all winter removing rust and sorting all the suspension components so that they will be brand new some mods are as follows:

  • Strongflex bushes
  • Track rods
  • Japspeed track rod ends
  • Ohlins coilovers
  • OEM lower arms and upper arms
  • Gravity Rear arms and reconditioned arms by me.
  • Everything that could be blasted and powder coated was done, if it couldn't be powder coated it got zinc primer and POR 15.
  • Work Emotion D9R wheels with AD08R Tyres
  • Factory underseal and rust removed taken back to bare steel then rust converter, zinc primer, POR 15, Gravitex underseal and top coat POR15.

The middle of the car will get done when I take the engine and gearbox out.

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I'm currently building the engine. I used Futuremotorsports to get the CSS and O-ring mods to allow me to run high boost. Engine mods are and will include:

  • Polished crank.
  • 9.5CR CP pistons.
  • ACL race main bearings standard size.
  • King Rod bearings standard size.
  • Manley H beam rods.
  • basic head build and refresh with 95lb springs.
  • CSS mod for 900WHP (claimed).
  • O-ring mod.
  • APR head studs.
  • Fd2 oil pump.
  • Clockwise motion Fd2 sump.
  • Prac works carbon fibre intake manifold from a Fn2.
  • Custom exhaust manifold/ exhaust system.

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I purchased a Pulsar GT3076R turbo with a tial exhaust housing as well:

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More to follow...

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I also have a E90 M3 DCT gearbox with an adapter kit. The setup will run a 2.2 CDTI dual mass flyweel modified to fit the DCT. I will run a Mx5 LSD for now because it bolts straight onto the rear subframe and has a lower final drive. I just need a custom prop shaft and driveshafts. If the mazda diff fails I will look at getting an e90 rear subframe cut the diff mounts from that and weld it to the rx8 rear subframe as they are almost identical.

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The turbo I have is a pulsar GTX 3076R with a tial 0.82AR exhaust housing.

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And this is the goal for me, to have a similar install to the picture below:

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I know it isn't a civic build, I don't really use any other forum, so thought it might be fun to bring something different to the group.


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Thanks man.

Yeah, the engine is swapped around 90 degrees. It needs to be slightly tilted for some reason as well once it's in. I've got a plate kit from a company called S.A.S motorsport, need to cut and weld the bulkhead and front subframe for the engine to fit. Should be a lot more reliable and get a lot more than the current 17mpg the rotary achieves haha.
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