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Hi all,
A couple of months back i rebuilt my front calipers new seals, pistons and slider pins, threw on new disks and pads and the result was great.

I as a bit surprised that they needed doing on a car with under 50k on the clock but CTRs are built to be hammered, im more surprised that the one of the rears is sticking a bit, not the biggest drama but a couple of questions as im going to strip and rebuild so i know that all brakes are in good condition, shes also getting a full service.

Question 1, Is there anything different on the rears than the fronts that i need to be aware of
Question 2 Do i need any special tools to wind the new pistons in with
Question 3 i am going to stick it on axel stands and dump all the lubes, any advice on where the jacking points are
Question 4 is the belly pan shield thing easy to take off and put back on

Many thanks in advance, its my first time servicing the car, to be honest and im more worried about getting it on and off the axel stands than anything else

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The jacking points are on the sills onwards of the front and rear wheels. Check the manual to confirm. Actually, does the brake pad How To show you this?

The rear pistons do need to be pushed and wound back into the calipers. Kits can be found on eBay/etc for £15, so just get one and make the job much easier.

The belly pan can be awkward to remove as the bolts rust. Some folks tend to leave them off for this reason.

Good luck.
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