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FN2 will be going, but I'll stick around...

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...like a bad smell! :lol:

Picking this up hopefully, the day after the FN2 has had all of its parts stripped, so the 23rd of May.

Part Exchanging the FN2 for it.

(Dealer photos)

Arrived in Bradford (yes, Bradford) at a rather plush Lexus dealership at 10:15 having been told the night before by the salesman that they opened at 10, when in fact it was 10:30. Luckily he realised this when he put down the phone and came in early.

Anyway, this is what I saw parked across the street before they came out and got me.

60 plate WRX STi Type UK 4 Door in Plasma Blue, 34k on the clock, FSSH, just serviced, four new Dunlop SP Sport 01 (OEM spec on these) tyres. Previous owner had part ex'd it on a Lexus IS-F, which is how it came to be at a Lexus dealership.

Subaru dropped the name Impreza on these in 2010, so it's just the WRX STi, but yes it's an Impreza.

I drove it for half an hour today (salesman accompanied) and it's just awesome. Properly civilised, quiet and comfortable when cruising and pootling around town but has some absolutely gorgeous wastegate chatter and exhaust burble on lift off and overrun. It sounds just pure evil at full chat.

Salesman was good too, kept egging me on and telling me, "No speed cameras up here." :lol:

Got back to the dealers and had a nice coffee, knocked around for 10 minutes while the dealer did some figures, asked him to look at them again, had a smoke and he came out with something much more pleasing. Needless to say I've got the cheapest straight WRX STi saloon I've ever seen. It's either a sign of the times or it had been on their books too long, but I've secured a car I thought was out of budget.

Took this while waiting for the salesman.

Roll on the end of the month! :)
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Lovely mate, how is it compared to your modded fn2?
Very nice John, you never fancied the other one then;)
Lovely mate, how is it compared to your modded fn2?
It's completely different to be honest. 4WD and a redline at 6,700 and it's a heavier car.

I've only driven it for half an hour but the main bits that stood out to me where that the chassis felt a fair bit stiffer than the FN2 but incredibly well dampened at the same time. The back end felt tight and part of the control, but I did half of the drive with the torque bias split set a majority to the rear wheels. It does feel like it will never run out of grip, well that I'd chicken out before it gets near to the limit anyway.

Like the FN2 you have to be in the higher rev band to get it moving. The boost only properly comes on over 3k, but unlike the FN2 you get a proper kick in the back when you put your foot down especially on the Sport Sharp throttle map. In higher gears you reach silly speeds without realising it, as it just feels so stable and it just pulls and pulls. Frequent speedo glances were needed.

It's a car I'm going to have to take it easy with and build up to driving quickly. The FN2 I can just jump into now and wring its neck, but I'll have to take my time getting to know this car.

The Brembos on it didn't quite feel as good as the Stoptechs, but this might be down to the weight of the car or the pads, so I'll be swapping them out for some DS2500s at some point I'm thinking.

It has the Subaru Special Edition Recaros in it which are much more supportive on the hips than the FN2 seats, plus they have lumbar support so they'll be very comfortable on long runs. It has built in Bluetooth HFT which I'll use a lot I'm thinking.

It's also very quiet and civilised in the cabin when you are just tickling it around. The wife said it sounded pretty loud as I pulled in and out of the dealers, but that noise wasn't overbearing in the car. Like I said, lovely wastegate chatter when you lift off the throttle and the exhaust burbles away on overrun.

Not a single noticeable rattle either. :)

Very nice John, you never fancied the other one then;)
They're very nice cars Wayne and if I hadn't of enjoyed the Subaru as much as I did, I would of no doubt been down to sign on an RS Meg.

After about 10 minutes in the STi, I just found myself chuckling away to myself like a loony. :p I just didn't get that in the RS.
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One of these pulled up next to me at the pumps a couple of months ago and it looked stunning! So much presence! Wasn't just me having a good look at it either. Nice car! :)

Thanks for the mini write up, enjoyed the read. Shame to see your FN2 stripped and sold though. Glad you're happy bud :thumbsup: :)
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Lovely car John :)

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The police use them as unmarked cars in Manchester heard one with the blues on screaming down the back streets sounded really nice been looking at these also but the hatch back version. What's the boot space like in the saloon? All the best and good chose :)
The boot in the saloon is a lot bigger than the hatch, the only downside is the opening is smaller than on the hatch.
How far are you stripping the fn2? Cams, manifold, intake? Are you giving it to them standard? I've got quite a bit on mine including cams.
I'm giving it to them standard except for the polybush suspension bushes, TDi short shifter, braided lines, DS2500s and Cosworth pads and FD2 oil pump. Those are the bits I don't have the standard parts to go back on or aren't worth taking off.
Excellent choice John. The Imprezas have bags of character and are built like brick outhouses. My Impreza was the most reliable car I ever owned - 86,000 miles of driving and it never missed a beat despite running an extra 155bhp over stock :lol: Also, superbly capable in all weathers. I don't think you will regret your purchase
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Very nice John. How long before you get a remap?

I'll have to get used to it first.

Dealer upgrade packages don't seem too badly priced though.
If you ever go down the remap route, I can highly recommend Paul Blamire at Zen Performance: ECU mapping

Paul is a genius and his maps are superb because they make the car very driveable AND safe. His 700bhp Time Attack car won its class in 2007 (capable of a sub 5-second 0-100mph)
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awesome john, she looks lovely mate. shame to see the fn2 going, but i think in your mind, its been gone a while back. hope you have lots of trouble free driving, stay away from the ring, and see you at spa someday bud :)
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very nice man..take it easy ;)
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Beautiful..best of luck with It and stay safe John, it looks awesome.

My bro Had a wrx, some *******s stole it from his front door for a joy ride then burnt it out :(
My bro Had a wrx, some *******s stole it from his front door for a joy ride then burnt it out :(
That's not good! :eek:

Keyless entry and start on this, it took me long enough yesterday to figure it out, so the fuzz would probably be here by the time they did. :lol:
Yeh it was modded and stuff, bought that way and bam woke up next morning it was gone :(
Very nice. How often does it require service ?
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