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Just went to my car this morning and noticed that my fob has no effect on the right and boot doors on my Type S 2009. The left door seems to work.

If I use the physical key, I can lock and unlock the car no problem without the alarm setting off. But obviously this is not ideal.

I've literally done nothing to the car in the last few weeks.

Is there something which needs resetting or something?

Many thanks

[edit] I did some further tests:
Locking/unlocking with the key fob only seems to lock the passenger side door.
Using the door lock button on the driver side armrest only locks/unlocks the passenger side door.
Moving the lock manually locks on the driver-side door locks/unlocks the passenger, driver and boot door.

So electrically, the boot lock does work. It just doesn't seem to be responding to the key fob (along with the driver side door). Very strange.

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Not sure about the 8G,l but on my 10G (and my two previous Accords) I can set the fob click to unlock all doors (and hatch) or just the driver's door. It's a setting in the system setup.

No doubt an 8G black belt will be along in a bit to explain how (that's if RTFM fails:wink3:)
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